The 4 Things that will decide if you are mediocre or amazing in life.

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Lately, I have heard many complaints of two staff. One is a producer and the other is a camera person. Mr Producer and Mr Cameraman have very differing issues. Mr Producer is a pretty hard worker, but lacks the critical thinking and problem solving skills to be a good producer. Most of the times, he follows instructions well but when it comes to making decisions and problem solving, he very often makes the wrong decision. On top of that, I feel he lacks self awareness and people skills that is the foundation of a good producer.
Mr Cameraman on the other is pretty talented, has all the right people skills, but terrible work ethics. He comes late for work almost every day, makes basic errors during shoots such as wrong frame rates, and is generally lazy. He talks the talk but when it comes to action (doing the work), he just doesn’t match what he says.
It was becoming apparent to me that the rest of the employees are pretty pissed with these two. So it was time to have a conversation (deliver a warning) to them. And quite honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to that. I don’t like confrontations in general. But this was necessary. Their behavior was affecting the team. So it’s clear to me that it’s either they shape up or they got to be shipped out.
Before the dreaded meeting, I actually watched several videos of Gary Vaynerchuk to get some advice on how to deal with underperforming employees. I remembered him saying something about hiring fast and firing fast. But to be honest, I like these two and I think firing them would probably be too harsh. They should at least be given a chance.
Then in one of the videos, Gary mentioned that it’s all about giving. More than you receive. The 51–49 rule. So I begin to think how I can help these two to become better versions of themselves. Whether they continue to be in my company or not.
So for the next few days, I was thinking about these two guys and why they are basically struggling with mediocrity. And what are the qualities that the A players and the winners have that Mr Producer and Mr Cameraman are still not getting?
I think it all boils down to 4 things.

1. Talent

I think we are all born with different talents and we are good at different things. Lebron James is born with the natural talent to play basketball. Steven Spielberg the gift of storytelling through the lens. We need to figure out what we are good at and then go all in with it. During my meeting with Mr Producer, I asked him what he thought he was good at. What was his natural talent. He thought for a moment and said “I think I’m good at playing the stock market.” I told him perhaps that’s what he should be doing. Maybe he’s just not born with the natural talent of becoming a fantastic producer. Find your talent and Go all in. By the way, I actually think this talent thing is the least important of the four.

2. Work Ethics

For all the talent that Mr Cameraman might have, he is lazy, and has poor work ethics. I have no doubt that someone who is not as not talented, but works much harder than him, will be more successful than him. I asked him about what he is really passionate about. He told me he really wants to do more storytelling using the camera. My immediate response was “Why don’t you?” Then he started talking about needing a big crew and support to make the film that he wants. I stopped him half way. I told him straight in the face, whatever he’s saying is all excuses. I have shot online short films using my handphone and reached almost a million views when I uploaded it online. No lighting, no fanciful equipment, no famous actors. There is no excuse not to go shoot stuff if that’s what he really wants. The more likely scenario is that’s not what he’s genuinely passionate about. I have worked with world class director of photography that spends an insane amount of time researching, doing test shoots, studying color, composition and storytelling. Every successful Director of Photography has worked their fucking socks off. But unfortunately Mr Cameraman will always be a camera operator instead of a director of photography. Until he works his fucking socks off that is.

3. Humility and the thirst to learn


The thing that I have been hearing about Mr Cameraman is that he enjoys telling people that he is a ‘director of photography’ instead of a Camera Operator which is his official position. On top of that, when he is on set, he comes late and he commands the freelance crew to work while he sits at the side barking orders. He is too fancy to even help do the slate when it’s needed. There are some geniuses that I have met that are truly good at what they do and they have this attitude problem that they are better than others. Those I would call ‘talented assholes’. But when someone is not even THAT talented and yet thinks that he has made it, I would call this person a straight up ASSHOLE. This lack of humility and a false sense of importance is killing him. Or rather, that’s the main reason why he is stuck in mediocrity. The winners in life will never settle. A thirst for knowledge and a curiosity to try things is what is a key different between winners and losers.

4. Action

taking action

Lastly, the world is made up of two types of people. The dreamers and the doers. The dreams spend a lot of time talking about their dreams and what they are going to accomplish and what they will do in the future. Most of the time, I find the dreamers actually talk a lot because there is a lack of confidence that they can actually achieve what they talk about. The doers on the other hand, talks little but man do they take action. I am amazed at how many people do not walk the talk. A friend just complained to me recently that he really hates his job which is to install dentist chair. I asked him what his passion is. And my definition of passion is the thing you wake up and do every day even if you are not paid. He thought for a while and then replied “It’s singing.” And almost immediately, he added “But I don’t think it’s possible.” I told him quite frankly that if his dream was to become a superstar singer well known throughout the world, maybe it’s improbable. But if he was busking and singing funny original songs in the streets to make a living, it is absolutely possible. But it’s all about whether that’s what you want and whether he has the balls to take action. Unfortunately, it’s more likely that he would remain a dentist chair installer for a large part of his life.

What would happen to these two, I can’t say for sure. I shared with both these 4 principles. But what gets through to them and how they make use of these information would large depend on themselves. I am emphathetic enough to know that most people will find it hard to change unless it comes from deep within themselves. That’s the reason why most people do not take action. Because talk is always easier. And cheaper.

Doing this will crush ALL your competition

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Recently, there seems to be a tremendous increase in the number of people selling manual shavers near the train stations. They would be wearing black t shirts, rather youthful looking and always ‘breaking the ice’ by asking “Do you use manual shavers or electric shavers?”

I happen to bump into them again yesterday. So this guy in black t shirt was walking with me and literally ‘chased’ me down to get me to answer his question and to get me interested in the shaver that he was trying to sell. First and foremost, much respect to this guy for the hustle. I mean it takes balls to approach people in the street and try to sell them stuff. You literally need balls of steel and a face as thick as a bible, because you are GUARANTEED to be rejected over and over and over again.

sales rejection

This sets me thinking. Are these people doing something right or something wrong? And what’s the best sales tactic that will not only crush all your competitors but annihilate them into oblivion? Does such a tactic even exist?

First, let’s look at what Mr Razor guy or the company is doing wrong. It boils down to one word. Context. People generally have a very poor impression of people approaching them randomly in the street. Firstly, it’s because you are stopping people from doing what they really want to do (most likely traveling to some other place). It’s similar to those annoying pop up ads that keep popping up when you are trying to watch a freaking youtube video. And people just tune out. They don’t even care if your ad is the most brilliant ad made in the history of men. The context of interrupting people is just extremely negatively frowned upon.

Next problem. Sales pitch in a matter of seconds. Most people are not going to stop for you. So when selling in such a setting, you have to let the person know the sales pitch in a matter of SECONDS. I would say the first sentence that comes out of your mouth has to be so enticing that it grabs someone’s attention immediately. In this case, the black shirt fellow has to probably convince me why the manual shaver that he is selling is the most brilliant shaver of all time and that it’s going to revolutionize shaving for me. Or basically give me the shaver for FREE to try it out. And truth be told, even if given for FREE, he might still have a hard time finding people to give to because people are also hard wired to believe that there is no free lunch in the world and a free gift in the street generally means a trade off in time and your contact details.

people in street rejecting selling tactics

So the odds are heavily stacked against Mr Shaver even before he opens his mouth. But is there something he is doing right?

Yes. Summarized in one word. Hustle. The way he approached and chased down potential clients, day in, day out, facing hundreds of rejection. That is fantastic. If he was to combine it with the two other things, he would be able to CRUSH all his competition. And the two things are: Context and Value.

The problem with approaching random strangers in the street about a manual shaver is that there is literally no context. Does the stranger need a shaver? Does he have a shaving problem? Is he dealing with financial difficulty? Is he rushing off for a business meeting that he is already fifteen minutes late? All these are questions that Mr Shaver won’t be able to answer.


Now let’s imagine if Mr Shaver set up his little shaving booth inside an electronics stall selling shavers. Now he knows that anyone who comes to this part of the shop is at the very least interested in looking at all kinds of shavers. There is already a context of the potential buyer being interested. His chances of making a sale if he is a good sales person sky rockets immediately.

Now imagine this. If he was to set up a website to sell his razors. And if he was to either buy google ads or facebook ads targetting people who are interested in shavers. Again, the context is set. Anyone who goes to his website is at the very least interested in the purchase of a shaver. Again, his chances of making a sale sky rockets and in today’s digital space, he can literally reach out not just in Singapore but all over the world.

If you get the context right, you have won half the battle. The other half lies in the sales pitch. I attend many sales pitches in a given week. People looking for investment, people looking for a job in the company, people trying to sell me their products and services. The list goes on. But let me tell you the people that ultimately will get a deal. Those are the people that comes into the meeting with the answer to this question. “What’s in it for me?”


Too many people or companies are trying to tell me how good they are. They have serviced big clients, they have won this and that award, they are the first in class, blah blah blah. It all comes across as bullshit boasting. You need to answer a simple question. “What’s in it for me?” which is translated to : What value are you bringing to the table? VALUE. You got to think of giving more than receiving.

If the case of Mr Shaver, he has got to convince me that his produce is the best in the market and only for today, it is sold at a super discounted price or even for FREE. Bring me the value before you try to sell me. Or better still, don’t try to sell me. Just tell me why your product or service will improve my life and bring me tremendous value.

Combine context with value. This is called working smart.

Then you got to have amazing work ethics which translate to hard work and hustling. That is called working hard.

Combine these two and I guarantee you will CRUSH and annihilate ALL your competition.


people who complain are losers

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negative mind will never give you a positive life

The thing I don’t understand are people who like to complain. Why spend the time to complain and be negative and make yourself be unhappy when you CAN do something about it?

If you hate your boss, quit your job! IF you hate what you are doing, change it. If you are unhappy that you are not spending enough time with your family, CHANGE it. I’ve come to realize the people who complain the most actually secretly enjoy complaining. They get a kick out of people nodding their heads and sympathizing with them, and agreeing about how ‘loserish’ their lives are.

I have met people that have worked at the same job for ten years and they are complaining on a daily basis how shitty their job is. That is something I feel fascinated by. Instead of making plans to change to get out of this job they hate, they take pleasure in the complaints of fellow workers. So they gather together during lunch every day and they spread this negativity.

And truth be told, I don’t think it’s something they consciously seek to do. To breed and spread negativity. But such is the habit that has been accumulated over many years. Change is a scary thing. Whether it’s changing a job, quitting a failing relationship, even taking up a new course or changing a lifestyle. Most people are scared of change.

But most people also don’t think too much about life. Increasingly, over the years, as I grow older, time becomes more and more valuable. Or rather, my perception of time becomes more valuable. Much more so than money. Which is why I don’t really understand people who spend hours queuing for hours only to get a freebie worth five dollars. People who do that obviously put very little value in their time. And that inevitably becomes a value of themselves. Do they believe they are worth more than five dollars per 2 hours of time? People who think and value themselves highly would never engage in such pointless activities.

But I digress.

complaining sucks

The way I look at it. There are three terrible things that happen when one complains.

Firstly, it’s simply a waste of time. What does complaining actually achieve? Very little. That’s just true. Nothing changes with any types of complaining. Unless you actively find a solution to the source of your complaints, it really will not change anything. Only time wasted that you can easily use to do something about your situation. Hate your job? Find time to build your resume and look for a better one.

Secondly, complaining creates a negative mindset. And negativity will attract even more negativity. I was just chatting with a colleague the other day. We were talking about luck. He was saying that some people are just born lucky. I actually disagree. I strictly believe in the concept of ‘you make your own luck’. What do I mean by that? Have you ever notice that people who are generally more positive, and who are more open to opportunities, and with a good attitude, tends to have better luck than say Complainers?

Everywhere I go, the people I’ve met that seem to do well are positive people. They look at a glass that is half full. The complainers are usually people who look at things that are half empty.

Lastly, complainers drag people around them down. Not only does complainers affect themselves, it actually affects the people that they are complaining to. Most of us are polite people and we tend to nod politely and agree when we hear someone complain. Some of us might even have a good laugh. It basically creates a group of people that are feeding off each other’s negativity. We really don’t need that in this world. There’s enough negativity as it is.

So please. Next time when you feel an urge to complain. Shut your mouth and think what can be done instead. And trust me. You are better off doing that.

doing something for free

Why doing something for free for a client will benefit YOU

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I know many freelancers or business owners have this thing against doing work for free for a potential client. Some common arguments that I hear include “Why should we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of?”, “We should be paid well for our professionalism and expertise”, and “even prostitutes get paid. We are worse than prostitutes.”

Let me start by saying that clearly there is no right and wrong answer to this. Of course we should all be paid for our talent, skills, hardwork, etc. I think it’s quite clear the reasons WHY we should be paid. So I am not going to spend much time talking about that. Also, there will be people in this world that will try to make use of us and get a freebie from us. I have heard them all. “You can use this as your portfolio in future.” “This can lead to much bigger projects if the upper management likes this”. “We don’t have much budget this year but next year we will definitely pay you.”

There WILL always be people out to scam us. But let me tell you this. They will always be in the minority.

who benefits

So why will doing something for free for a client bring benefit to you?

The answer is simple. In the long run, because of a mentality of always constantly finding ways to give and to provide value, you will definitely reap the benefits. But most people are impatient and they want to close the deal and to earn money, even at heavily discounted prices up front. You see the difference between charging a low price and giving something away free is this. Charging a low price cheapens your product or service. But giving something away free gives you so much more leverage. When you keep giving, you can always guilt the people who receive into giving back. Not the next day. Or even the next month. But somehow, some time, I promise you. You will reap the benefits.

From my own experience, those big clients of mine had always started with something free I do for them. A prototype that they can show their bosses. Something simple to show that we deliver good quality service. Or even an urgent job and they are unable to get the finance to sign off. I’ve done them all and those jobs that I do for FREE, almost always result in bigger projects later on. Of course you got to deliver a good product or service cause nothing can ever substitute that. But if you are good at what you do and can provide a quality service or product, then I urge you. Go out there and try to find companies and offer to do something to them for FREE.

If you want more business, do it for free. Keep giving. Don’t expect anything in return. Don’t start having a bad attitude when the potential new client did not give you anymore jobs after your free service. Smile and look for another new potential client. Then give again.

smile for me baby

Of course I understand that we all have expenses and responsibilities in life. I am not suggesting that you quit everything and only start doing FREE things for people. You can take up a job and do FREE things for people on the side. What you have is TIME. And please don’t tell me that phrase that I hate the most. “I don’t have time.” EVERYBODY has time. It’s only a priority of time. If you prioritise watching TV, sleeping late, going to clubs to hook up with chicks, going for a holiday, etc. Then it’s YOUR CHOICE. Don’t complain that you don’t have time or that you are not killing it in life. And let me get this straight. If you are perfectly happy with your 9 to 5 job, and your family and work life balance, then it’s awesome. No one’s judging. But today, if you are not satisfied in your business or the money you are bringing in, then this is what you can do.

In your FREE time, offer to do something FREE for potential clients.

When you do this, three things will happen. 1. You train your mind to start thinking about giving and being more selfless. Giving is an extremely powerful mentality and action. 2. You will also be expanding your list of contacts and potential clients. Even if there is no further business from the company or client that you offer your FREE service to, your good work can easily get a good word of mouth and someone else could be alighted to your talent. 3. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, when you give to someone unconditionally, it’s most likely from a human psychology that they will feel they owe you a favor. So naturally, they will consider giving something back to you.

And again, I stress that there will always be people who will try to take advantage of you. But trust me. Doing the right thing is always the right thing. Thing far. Think bigger. Go further.



Three things you must DO to become successful

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Recently I came across many people telling me what they want to achieve. A colleague tells me he wants to be the next famous movie director and make movies that break all box office records. A childhood friend tells me he wants to expand his tuition business to become a world class franchise. And one of the sales exec in the company rejoices because he just scored an appointment with a top tech company to sell our video making services. He proudly proclaimed that he is going to charge this potential client 50k for making a corporate film.

I smiled and told him matter of factly. Don’t think about how much you want to charge the client. Think about how much value you can bring to the client. If you want to charge the client 50k, then you got to make sure we deliver a value that is at least worth 100k.

bring value

  1. Bring Value

You see too many of us think only about what we want. We want fast cars, beautiful houses, lots of passive income, and clients giving us top dollar. But we spend too little time thinking about what we can offer and bring value to the world. Because only when you can provide value to a lot of people consistently, then you have a real shot of being a success. So rule number one. Don’t think about what you want. Think about what value you can bring to the table.


2. Find your passion

A few days ago, a junior editor asked to speak to me. He was telling me that he wanted to take unpaid leave for a month to travel to Europe. I was really excited for him and told him immediately he should go do it because he is young and he really should see the world. Then I casually asked him what he sees himself doing in three years time and he immediately says that it’s probably not going to be in the media business.

So I asked him what was his passion? He mumbled a little and spoke about wanting to open an eatery, but I could sense there was no enthusiasm in what he was saying. Then I asked him “Do you know the meaning of passion?”. He nodded his head and wanted to give me a definition of the word passion. I smiled and stopped him. “No. We all know the definition. That’s not what I mean. What I mean is. Imagine if you were to wake up and for the next ten years do this one thing. Even if you were not paid. For the next ten years. What is it going to be? That. I would define as passion.”

He paused for a moment. Then his eyes lit up. I think I would love to dj even if I’m not paid. “Fantastic.” Then you should start a side hustle and get yourself there. I could tell that he was shocked that his boss was encouraging him to do a side hustle. I told him straight “I genuinely want the best for you and I want to help you to be successful in your passion. And the skills you are going to pick up in this company will lead you there.” This leads me again to the first point. Bring value to everyone around you. Even if you might not get anything back. Give. And you give. And then you give some more. Because the way the cosmic world works, or maybe some call it karma. Somehow good things will happen to you.

But I digress. The point I am trying to make. You need to find your passion and then go all out to make your passion become the work that you do every day. Because being successful is VERY tough. And only if you are doing something that you truly love, then you will be willing to work your fucking socks off. And only then, will you stand a chance of being truly successful. Passion and you work HARD.

DO it

3. Do.

Yes. It’s just a two letter word. But it has so much meaning in it. Too many people around me spend their time talking about what they want to do and never get around to do it. There’s a guy who told me he wanted to write a kickass screenplay, but it’s been three years and last week when I checked, that screenplay is still in his mind in the development stage.

Let me tell you a short story to illustrate this point. The year was 1998. I was a broadcast media student in a university. And at that time email was still very new and it was a time when we actually loved receiving email. Video was shot on SVHS cameras (big ass but low quality cameras) and editing could only be done in a actual tape format. I remembered vividly one day during a lecture when a professor was explaining a concept of sharing files with each other using FTP. My immediate thoughts were “Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way for all of us to showcase the videos we have made and share it with everyone?” I turned to best buddy who was seated beside me in the lecture. I told him my idea and he immediately laughed and said “Why would anyone want to watch videos?”. Well, I guess we all know what happened.

My point, other than the fact that I could have been the one who started youtube, is this – DO. If at that time I had a determination to find out how to actually start a platform to allow the sharing of videos, I could in theory be the founder of youtube. The fact that I didn’t do anything and was so easily persuaded by my buddy’s taunt. Add to the fact that I was pretty much a slacker during my uni days. I just talked about an idea. Debated about it. And ultimately the big difference is – I simple Didn’t DO.

I have gone to respect those people that do and keep failing much more than those who are smart, who talks a lot but never does anything. They spend so much time thinking about an idea or a concept or the most perfect way that they just end up missing out. Ideas are shit. Execution’s the game. I believe my idol Gary Vaynerchuk said that.

Don’t spend so much time talking or thinking. You need to start doing. Even if by doing, you end up failing most of the time. I guarantee you will learn more than someone who spends time talking and thinking and not even executing.