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explainer video red ink media

Explainer Video – Red Ink Media

January 16, 2017

the interlace aerial cinematography

Aerial Cinematography for the Interlace

January 15, 2017

kpmg best company video

Best Company Video for KPMG

January 15, 2017

construction video for capitaland d leedon

Construction Video for Capitaland

January 11, 2017

commercial production for sony

Commercial Production for Sony

January 9, 2017

construction timelapse video for woh hup

Time lapse Video for Woh Hup

January 8, 2017

training video production for APB

Training Video Production for Asia Pacific Breweries

March 30, 2014

corporate video production for keppel

Corporate Video Production for Keppel

March 30, 2014

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Award Winning Creative

There was a time when we were reluctant to talk about the awards we have. We have since reconciled with the fact that awards sometimes mean that we do good work. And we are happy to be recognized for it.

So yes we have won many awards in the industry. But what we care about the most, is the value we bring to our clients and a heart felt sincere ‘thanks’ from a client, beats any of the top awards.

World Class Video Production Quality

We have created content ranging from movies, advertisements, to viral online content that have affected and touched millions. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our clients and our viewers to continually create and do good work.

So when we mean we do quality video production, it doesn’t just mean the production value. It means the concept, the ideas, the writing, the meticulous planning and execution of the idea, the shoots and then the post production.

We take pride in every stage of production. And quite frankly, we let our work do the talking and the selling.

Storytelling using technology

From using augmented reality to 360 videos, we tell engaging stories that are native to the medium. But no matter what technology we are leveraging on, it’s always to serve the story. We recognize good storytelling is the foundation of any successful video or marketing campaign.

But we also know that with technology, different stories can be told for different mediums. And with technology, our ability to reach even more people can be done at scale.

That’s why we never stand still and we never stop learning. We see trends and we get our hands dirty to test the platforms and technology so that we know and we can offer the best value and solutions to all our clients.

That’s why we are able to say we only propose solutions that gain results in the real world.

Experts in social media marketing

We all have our own interpretation of what social media is. In our opinion, social media is merely a slang for the current state of the internet. It’s the way we communicate with each other now and that’s where the attention is right now.

Understanding the way we communicate through social media is the single most important reason why we are successful on it. That’s why we are able to help famous brands become favourite brands. Whether it’s to sell stuff, increase brand awareness or to build a community, we are good at it.

And what’s most important is that we make sure our clients spend their marketing budget on things that are underpriced and that truly work. And social media marketing is both of these and then some.

We are nice people

One of the key reasons why our clients keep coming back to us, other than the fact that we are good at what we do (sorry for the humble brag), is that we are genuinely nice people. When I mean nice, I don’t mean agreeing to everything that the client says.

Being nice really means providing immense value above and beyond what our clients pay us. We listen very attentively to what our client wants and we propose things that are in the best interest of our clients. Sometimes, it even means doing things for free and sometimes, it even means turning away jobs which we feel is not in the best interest for our clients.

And it also helps that we throw great parties. 🙂

We make cool shit.

And lastly, above all else, we make cool shit.

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